Whether you are living in Paris or a fresh newcomer, here is my own selection of the 3 best premium Fitness Gym that could be found in Paris and in the close surrounding areas.

Lagadere Paris Racing: selectivity, selectivity and… selectivity

Paris Lagardere Racing

Located in the middle of the Bois de Boulogne, this private and selective sport club provide members with over 7 hectares dedicated to sports and well-being. It offers 44 tennis courts, 3 padel courts, 2 swimming pools including 1 Olympic, a fitness area of 540 m2, multiple indoor and outdoor activities, a sports school reserved for children, a Clubhouse, 1 bridge room, a bar and a restaurant.

The place is magnificent, very well located and in the immediate vicinity of Paris. You can escape alone or with your family in this green setting and rub shoulders with many French celebrities (entrepreneurs, showbiz…) and some international celebrities.

To be part of this ultra select club you will have to pay significant entry fees (around 7000 euros, payable only once) and annual membership fees (around 1800 euros per year). The exact amount has not been disclosed as the club wish to keep it confidential. In addition, the recommendation of a member of the club is desirable to promote the file of any potential new member.


Opening Hours:

Every day from 6:45 a.m. to 10 p.m.

My evaluation of the club:

Selectivity: 20/20

The facilities: 18/20 (superb pool and club house)

The setting: 18/20

The fitness equipment: 15/20

Comment on the gym equipment: Quite spacious, almost everything is Technogym, from cardio and guided machines to free weights. The good point is that they are the latest machines offered by Technogym. The sad point is that there is a lack of diversity in the equipment offered for the price. Finally, the club offers a good variety of group lessons.

The Paris Country Club: a green setting, listed buildings and a great golf course

The Paris Country Club is well located at the Portes de Paris, on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne and Paris. It is a top-of-the-range private club aimed at sports lovers as well as family and business clients. It is located in the heart of the Saint-Cloud racecourse in Rueil-Malmaison in Hauts-de-Seine (92500).

This club offers a wide variety of sports, leisure and relaxation activities: gym / fitness club, swimming pools, SPA, solarium, cinema room, nursery, children’s and teens’ activities, school holiday courses, team sports, catering, bridge club… As an option, members can access a large park of open/indoor tennis courts as well as the Golf de Paris, also located in the heart of the St-Cloud racecourse and which offers golf packages accessible at audience.

I really like this spacious and pleasant place where it is easy to feel comfortable and where you can easily spend the day with family or friends. A wonderful green setting which offers a very nice range of sports activities.

Entrance fees for 1 person alone at the Paris Country club are 2000 euros (payable only once at registration). For the cost of the annual subscription, it really depends on the formula chosen. Many options are available (weekly access, year-round access, with or without tennis, with or without golf, etc.) with a commitment period of 6 months or 1 year for each. It is really advisable to contact the club to find out the most suitable formula. The price range goes from 1400 euros to 3600 euros depending on the formula chosen.

It is to be noted that the Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St-Cloud hotel is located just opposite the Paris Country Club which can be convenient for business and international clients.


Opening Hours:

Every day from 7:00 a.m. to 11 p.m.

My evaluation of the club:

Selectivity: 17/20

The facilities: 17/20 (superb pool and a famous 9-hole golf course in the middle of the Saint Cloud racecourse)

The setting: 17/20

The fitness equipment: 14/20

Comment on the gym equipment: The main fitness room is quite spacious with a variety of interesting machines (Cybex, Technogym). The only point to regret is that they are often old machines. Certainly, these machines are still very effective but if you are not a fan of ‘old school’ training you might be slightly disappointed. However, the club has set up a covered cross-training area with access to the outside which seems very complete and spacious. If you are a fan of cross-training, you should definitely like it, especially since the coaches are very good. Finally, the club offers a good range of group lessons with a beautiful room dedicated to private coaching with top level coaches.

Annette K: the sport barge on the seine with a view of the Eiffel tower

Annette K Sport Club in Paris

If you are looking for a nice and original place dedicated to sport that is a little select (but still open to the outside world) and well located: Annette K is the place for you.

You will admit that it is still quite incredible to be able to do your cardio on a barge with the impression of running on the Seine. To be able to train on Eleiko equipment. To be able to do your Yoga or Pilates in a ‘quasi’ roof top. To be able to do your sauna or see your Physiotherapist right after all that. But above all, it’s absolutely incredible to be able to enjoy an open swimming pool, located on the Seine and with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and member access to be able to tan there right after your sports session.

In short, Annette K is an unclassifiable place that remains quite affordable (250 euros per month for non-members and 200 euros per month for a 12-month commitment). In addition, it offers a bit of diversity thanks to its access to the unit which allows you to meet nice outside people (which can be the occasion of very beautiful encounters ;-).

Finally, the club has a bar and a guinguette open to all which contributes to an extremely pleasant young and festive atmosphere during sunny days.


My evaluation of the club:

Selectivity: 14/20

The facilities: 17/20 (superb pool and club house)

The setting: 17/20

The fitness equipment: 15/20

Comment on the gym equipment: Finally, a great variety of equipment with a premium Technogym range (for guided and cardio machines) with really beautiful Eleiko training equipment (the best of the best for enthusiasts). Good equipment for cross training.

The super nice points: possible access to the unit, a good diversity of group lessons all in an original, quiet and well-located place.

The few disappointing points, no adjustable cable machine, somewhat odd hours (especially on Friday evening), a somewhat restricted space due to the fact that it’s on a barge (but hey, that’s a bit normal:- )

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