I don’t want to offend anyone, but I personally have never felt inspired by most male models. Maybe it’s because I’m not a blond guy with blue eyes, maybe it’s because some androgynous looks don’t inspire me; maybe it’s because most look way too young to me; maybe it’s because most of them don’t seem ‘masculine’ enough to me. In any case, I have always had trouble identifying myself with the classic male models out there. Therefore, as I have always loved sport (in all its forms), I was convinced that it was possible for me to create a unique aesthetic based on hard work.

From then on, I logically started to take an interest in Fitness. But, I was very quickly extremely disappointed. Lots of steroid traffickers who were just looking to find their new prey. Lots of dangerous people that you don’t necessarily want to meet in your free time. Lots of lies and hypocrisy with people claiming to be natural but weren’t. And above all, a non-existent aesthetic approach and a totally distorted vision of the male body based solely on the search for excessive muscle mass. To the point that most of these guys were making themselves sick, become sterile and totally destroy their lives.
In short, absolutely nothing in common with my approach.

Looking for a third way

From then on, I had the will to create my own way, a kind of mix between male modeling (which I appreciate the search for excellence and beauty) and fitness (free of steroids and lies). A kind of perpetual quest fruit of hard work for years. A kind of personal approach outside the notion of performance inherent in most sports. A form of physical activity based on the maximization of the natural capacities of the human body in an aesthetic search. Have you ever wondered how far you can push your body? Have you ever wondered what your limits are?
Not for a ‘competition’, not to get all fat, huge and ugly, not to destroy your health, but to maximize your health, to exploit your genetic potential and to create a sort of timeless lifetime masterpiece through hard work and self-sacrifice.

Here is my way!

Here is the main reason behind this blog through which I would like to share my experience, my vision of male aesthetics, my trainings, my interests in man’s fashion and more largely my vision of male elegance.

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