My Critical Opinion on Arthur Jones’s High Intensity Training

I have recently written an article to present Arthur Jones’s High Intensity Training theory. While there is absolutely no doubt that it can be helpful to Fitness beginners and can bring some interesting pieces to any workout, this theory is far from being perfect and comprises some flaws that I intend to discuss here by introducing my own vision and opinion on Arthur Jones’s H.I.T. approach.

Back to the basics: What High Intensity Training can teach you?

Nowadays, almost no one knows the name Arthur Jones. If you do not know him but are interested in Fitness or just like to workout, that is quite a pity for you. Arthur Jones created the ‘High Intensity Training’ (also known as H.I.T.) approach, not to be confused with the ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ that is growing in popularity today in Fitness group classes. Effectively, Arthur Jones can help you improve your workouts and probably teach you a lot about Fitness training and workout theories…