Dior has recently launched a small collection (Tee-Shirts and Sweaters) inspired by the universe of space-operas of the 70s. The logo design evokes a desert and intergalactic universe. They named it the AsteroDior signature.

It’s a nice nod to the imagination of intergalactic heroes of the 70s, dominated by Marvel heroes and the beginnings of the Star Wars saga. Just look at the Marvel’s Star Lord comic book font below.

Star Lord, one of the Marvel Space Opera from the 70s

And try to imagine coupling it with the Star Wars logo and theme below (plus many other 70s Space Operas) and you will probably obtain the beautiful AsteroDior signature.

A Star Wars promotional poster from 1977

An intergalactic wind is now blowing on luxury brands thanks to Dior.

Congratulations to Dior for this very original inspiration!!

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