Fashion trends always evolve and for this 2024 spring season, the designers showcase a return to timeless elegance. Classic colors like black, white, and beige dominate the runways. The novelties for the upcoming spring season strongly focus on dressing elegantly, which could be seen through the revival of iconic pieces like coats, suits, vests, and accessories such as ties, hats, and boutonnières. Designers reimagined these garments with meticulous attention to detail and proportion while highlighting a relaxed and effortless attitude. The spring collections shifted from casual streetwear to a more polished and refined workwear style, blending functionality with sophistication.

Here is a deeper dive into the top menswear fashion trends for spring 2024.


The classic suit made a remarkable comeback as a core item in men’s fashion. Designers embraced the traditional three-piece suit and adapted it into more casual styles, allowing for a bare torso underneath. Oversized jackets paired with short shorts also emerged as a popular look. The trend of suit tailoring harked back to the origins of the schoolboy uniform, exuding a sense of classic elegance and sophistication.


Spring collections heavily feature knitted fabrics, with some designers presenting thick, warm wool sweaters. However, crochet has a central role, as jackets and polo-bermuda sets are meticulously woven in a style reminiscent of antique doilies. Crochet is also manifested in intricate lace tops and jackets, evoking the style of fishermen.

Jungle print

Spring 2024 men’s fashion collections are heavily influenced by nature’s beauty. Unexpected vibrant green prints and images of savannah foliage enhanced classic suits. Designers drew inspiration from the jungle, resulting in jackets and shirts decorated with tropical flowers and coats featuring animal motifs. Leopard prints were also seen in various collections.


Inspired by workwear, jumpsuits are a standout trend, appearing in a wide range of styles. Minimalist linen and sophisticated white jumpsuits are popular. Denim jumpsuits were also prevalent, while some featured intricate details like lace, silky prints, or even luxurious pink leather. Brands pushed the boundaries with nylon designs that evoked the uniforms of astronauts and gas station attendants.


Once a symbol of sophistication, the boutonnière has been modernized with stylish touches. It has made a comeback in recent spring fashion collections. Instead of just being a flower worn on a lapel, it can now be a decorative brooch or a fabric flower. Designers have gotten creative with them, adding details like intricately embroidered roses on jackets and eye-catching silver dragonflies on boutonnières.

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