230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

New York, the fascinating city, the city that never sleeps, a city where all dreams are possible, including that of meeting someone single. If you’re fed up with dating apps that lead nowhere and if you want to put a little more spontaneity and mystery into your romantic search, I offer you my 3 best rooftop bar addresses where you’re bound to have opportunities.

1/ 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, By far my favorite, Midtown New-York

This place is by far my favorite of all. It offers a superb and unobstructed view of the Empire State Building. The food helps out well in case of a little hunger. The drinks offered are just as nice. The place is clean, large, safe, very busy and offers a good atmosphere.
I can only recommend this place if you are looking to meet someone because with a view like this, you will definitely have good memories of your first meeting.
The only downside is that it is very frequented by tourists who are just looking to have a drink (and/or eat) and enjoy the view.
However, this inconvenience fades because this place also offers a nightclub which you can access by going down the stairs (you will necessarily pass in front of it when you first arrived, it is in front of the elevators). Needless to say, you will be able to meet real single people there and I guarantee that you will have opportunities to dance and chat with someone single.

2/ Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Midtown New-York

A very pleasant place with an effort on the decor, a view of the Empire State, great staff, good food… In short, what more could you ask for to meet someone.
If you want to start your evening at the restaurant, the dishes are good. If you are just feeling peckish, the small dishes are reasonable in terms of price.
In any case, I advise you to go to the bar on the other side of the restaurant and you will see that you will definitely have opportunities to meet someone to chat or offer a drink. Not only is the bar always quite busy (especially in the evening) but there is always a nice decoration or some form of entertainment.
This place also offers the possibility of a late dinner if you have decided to visit elsewhere beforehand.
Finally, you can try brunch (I must admit that I haven’t tried it) because I had friends who met during this more early time slot.

3/ Time Out Market New York, Surprise Surprise, Brooklyn

This place is not really a Rooftop bar but… still a little. Indeed, it’s not really a place like the other two for many reasons: first because it is located in Brooklyn (well just on the other side of the Brooklyn bridge), then because it offers a terrace but no adjoining bar like the other two.
In fact, it is more of a food court where you will find food and drinks. You can enjoy it both indoors or outdoors.
Either way, you’ll have incredible views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Financial District. The food is affordable, varied and of very good quality.
In this place, I guarantee that you will have the opportunity to meet a single person who you can approach when ordering or while strolling between the terrace and the food stands.

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