To say that muscle size has nothing to do with human aesthetics is just an understatement that doesn’t quite describe my view of male body aesthetics.

I consider the human body to be a perfect machine. Although this machine can break down very easily (too much sedentary lifestyle, unsuitable nutrition…), what is absolutely certain is that it absolutely does not need anabolic steroids to create its own balances. And, it is these natural body balances that will generate your proper aesthetic and make it beautiful. Furthermore, these types of products destroy everything: health, family, friends and personal finances.
This natural balance, reached through hard work, but within the natural limit of the human body, will give a specific beauty to each of us. This balance can be maximized through training, nutrition, willpower and determination while being enhanced by inner well-being, optimism and self-confidence.

Rediscovering the notion of ‘Euexia’

Our Greek ancestors had already explored this path to the point of having created the notion of ‘Euexia’ (ευεξία). This notion became so central that euexia competitions were organized throughout ancient Greece. But what was really behing this notion of ‘euexia‘?

Euexia was a kind of physique or body-building competition, in which mucle size was not a major criterion, but rather symmetry, definition, tone, bearing and especially a general fit and healthy appearance, as the name ‘euexia‘ suggests. Athletes prepared for this contest no doubt by a combination of exercise and dieting, which would be essential to achieve this kind of physique. According to Lucian the athletes were working hard to achieve this condition ερρωμένως φυλάττοντες, and were frequently judged to see that they were able to maintain it.”

Crowther N. B. Male « Beauty » contests in Greece : The Euandria and Euexia
In: L’antiquité classique, Tome 54, 1985. pp. 285-291.

To this notion of Euexia, the Greeks opposed the notion of Euandria which looked much more like an orgy of muscle mass, violence and brute force.

Therefore, we can say that my vision of male aesthetics is based on this ancient notion of Euexia. Indeed, the search for symmetry, muscular definition, physical condition, body tone in a context of global harmony is central to my approach to sports practice.

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